Monday, September 6, 2010

Nature Inspired

Be sure to visit AllureByU's etsy shop where you will find her beautiful nature inspired jewelry. A great selection of modern and vintage jewelry.

by AllureByU
My name is Sue and I am from Singapore, a little beautiful island in South East Asia.  I have a belief. Life is short. Live to your fullest. If you have a dream, live it and make it happen. I hope my belief will also extend to my jewelry creations.

Everyone starts off differently! I got started in the jewelry designing and making business by accident. I got inspired by all the other crafters and artists while shopping and browsing through the internet. When I saw their creations on their websites and in their shops, I thought to myself how beautiful their creations are and how nice if I could create some of these myself. That train of thought ended with the determination to make my own beautiful creations! I stumbled upon Etsy by accident to begin with, but ended up being the best accident because AllureByU was born!

In learning this art, I am basically self taught. I read a lot of books on jewelry making and later bought basic tools and supplies for my creations. The basic tools are pliers, cutters and not to mention lots of patience and passion. How delicate your craftsmanship comes with experience. There are marvelous sources of inspiration, know-how, and tips-n-tricks out there. Many are available online as e-books or e-course, books & magazines.

As this is not my full time job, I do not have a proper workplace. All I need is a space for me to lay out my tools and materials and I start creating.

You find lots of variety in my shop. Most of my items are inspired by the things around me. I love nature and life. I love new exciting ideas and trying them. I do not like sticking to the same old concepts. Thus I use all kinds of themes and all kinds of different materials in my creations. I love to get inspirations from all of them. Sometimes something seemingly boring, when combine with another material, will create a beautiful piece. Let your creativity juices flow.

I love every single piece of my items because they are created with lots of love, efforts and time. I use quality materials for my creations.


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