Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Time For Yourself

I walk into my art space and instantly "sigh" a sense of relief and release. I realize that it the days that I find most difficult that I really cherish my escape and need my creative outlet to take me away.
Today's tip is to spend some time in your studio, or art space...even if it is to just to sit and have your coffee or tea.
Take some well deserved time for yourself.

Enjoy a visit to Junquete's 5 & 10 Variety Etsy shop where you will find a variety of items for sale in her shop and where Norma shares her love for vintage from way back when she started working in an antique store and collected lots!

by Junquete's 5 & 10 Variety
Hi there, I'm Norma from junquete's 5 & 10 Variety here on Etsy .I have a huge variety of things that I both offer and make. I like to stay busy so I try anything once. If the once works then I stay at it.

I love to make anything into earrings. I got hooked on it while I was sick for three months and needed something to do. They were easy to do from the comfort of my couch while wrapped in a blanket and a heating pad.

I sell vintage because I have a need to connect with the past. I worked in two different antique stores at the same time so it was easy to send people to which ever store had what they needed. It was also fun to be in both stores in the same day. It really was fun watching customers shake their head over that one.

I started making my 'Purse N Boots' shoe purses to enter a contest to make a purse for under five dollars. I didn't even come close to winning it but I started to get hook on them. I've done about twenty to date. Some sold and others became gifts. I was always sure they wouldn't receive another one.


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