Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spreading Smiles

Enjoy a visit to The Curious Cupcake A wonderful Etsy shop that sells beautiful wire wrapped jewelry.**10% OF PROCEEDS FROM ALL PURCHASES WILL GO TO SUPPORT THE WILD FRIENDS OF THE EARTH FOUNDATION IN LEESBURG, FL. OFFICIAL WEBSITE: **

by The Curious Cupcake
I am always getting asked 'Why The Curious Cupcake?' Well that's easy, I like cupcakes and I'm curious. It really is that simple, just like the things I make and the whole reason I got started in this direction in the first place. I love learning new things and I love creating, what better way to put the two things together than with making jewelry? I get to work with many different mediums, colors, shapes .. the possibilities are endless. But even with all of those millions of possibilities it still comes down to the basics, putting pieces together to make a new whole. Creating something new, out of something else.

My favorite things to work with are wire and crystals. Wire has a mountain of potential. Between the kinds, the sizes, the colors .. it could go on and on. Wire can be the focal point, the background piece or sometimes just the guts. Its completely versatile. At the other end I love working with crystals. I love color and sparkle and using Swarovski crystals combines both. Color can almost set a mood for a piece and there's no better way to get true, vibrant colors than with crystals. I've made pieces using only crystals and I've used them as accents. It doesn't matter how they're used they always bring more life to any piece.

People often find it amusing that I rarely wear any of the pieces I make. Save for a few select things I have designed for myself most everything is not something I would wear. It may seem odd but that's not why I do this. I make jewelry because I like to create and its amazing how good it feels to see someone wearing something that I created with my own hands. On top of that I try very hard to keep my jewelry affordable. You shouldn't have to break the bank to wear something fun that brings a smile to your face. That's what I'm trying to do, spread the smiles and add a little sparkle to the world.

I started out just making jewelry for my mom and my co-workers. I would often show off the new things I came up with at work and more often than not I wouldn't bring them home. I started off with a couple of small craft shows, just getting my stuff out there for more people and working on making something more than a hobby out of it. I have slowly worked up to larger craft shows and have now added my own website and Etsy to the mix. Its a lot more satisfying to make something if I have a way to get it to someone who appreciates it.

Recently my friend and roommate has joined in on the fun. She is now making beaded flowers both to sell on their own and and to incorporate in my jewelry. Instead of her just tagging along and helping me with my things we are now creating together. It just adds one more layer of fun to the mix. I hope to be doing this for a long time.


  1. Amazing jewelry! I love those little nest looking necklaces with pearls inside.

  2. Aren't they adorable! Cute little pearl peas in a pod!


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