Thursday, July 16, 2009

Keeping Organized on a Tight Budget


Here are some great tips for managing a wonderful space on a tight budget. Sheena suggests ways to put together some price conscious solutions . She offers fabulous tips on how to keep organized and to de-clutter to "keep the mess in check, and increase project management all round!! ". Great ideas Sheena! Thanks for sharing.

"My name is Sheena, and I’m a full-time & freelance graphic designer from Vancouver, British Columbia, who also makes jewelry as a hobby.I create out of my very small apartment, which I share with my boyfriend and two cats. Our living room is set up as a dining area, 2 separate offices and for entertaining, so it is VERY important that we keep ourselves organized! Because my boyfriend was in school last year, we’re running off a very tight budget and have put together some price conscious solutions.The best thing I ever did for my workspace was to invest in/find some cheap, but effective storage units. Vintage travel containers from a yard sale, milk cartons transformed into a portable and lightweight filing cabinets, and two sets of drawers (at less than $30 each at your local Swiss furniture store!).
It’s not the most aesthetic office, but it functions very well for me! Compact and lightweight drawer units can keep my smaller, delicate items well organized and accessible. My less fragile, messier and larger items (receipts, documents, sketchbooks, envelopes), easily tucked away so they don’t overwhelm my desk! I also have invested in quite a few accordion folders, which helps me keep my monthly expenses/bills/invoices and such, in check!! Zip Lock bags have a thousand uses, so I keep them on hand at all times!
Finally, I make it a habit to do a weekly heavy-duty tidy of my desk space, and throw anything I might be hording for some reason. (I’m extremely bad for keeping post-its, doodles, and mail scraps because I think I’ll need them later.) De-cluttering regularly keeps my little work space as organized as it can be, and all my projects safe from accidental harm (by me or by cats). And, at the end of every project, I clear my desk of whatever I was working on, so that when I come back, I don’t have to organize before I can start working. Haha, I know that sounds a bit obsessive-compulsive, but I run a business from my desk, lots of hobbies and just recently an Etsy shop, so keeping my mess in check, increases all my project management all round!! :)"

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